Athen’s Crystal Shop is a Unique Addition to Downtown Athens. (JOUR 4090)

Tyler Johnson
3 min readMar 1, 2021


The importance of the local business Margo Metaphysical is that many of its customers seek out the store to look for ways of healing, clarity or guidance through life. People tend to use crystals as a way to heal themselves. In the art of crystal healing, stones have different meanings and abilities behind them, which allow them to benefit people in different ways.

People are able to look for different healing stones to meet their personal individual needs. Some people also believe that crystal healing can be used to ward off sickness, shed negative energy or absorb positive energy. Jill Furman said “It is about eighty percent in people’s heads” when I asked her about the crystals.

Margo Metaphysical offers a wide variety of outlets in order to meet the needs of its consumers. The owner, Jill Furman, started the company after leaving a bad marriage and looked to crystals as a way to help her get the strength to stand up for herself. She opened the store 21 years ago and has had another store for 30 years.

The store is still surviving even in the midst of a global pandemic and the owner set up a gofund me account for donors to help the store stay open during the pandemic. Furman renewed the lease recently and just renewed their lease for three more years.

They were able to expand by including a healing room on the second level of the store. In their new upstairs area they will hold sound healing workshops, and they are also looking for local healers to use the space. The store itself has a unique quality about itself, which probably is what keeps certain customers in Athens attracted to the store.